Load Spatial Data

jsgeoda supports reading geojson file. The file could be fed using URL or File object (e.g. via drag-and-drop). The content of the geojson file needs to be read in binary format: ArrayBuffer. Then, you can call read_geojson() function to load geojson into jsgeoda.

const jsgeoda = require('jsgeoda');
const fs = require('fs');

// create jsgeoda instance
const geoda = await jsgeoda.New();

// print out "Hello jsgeoda 0.0.8"
console.log("Hello jsgeoda", geoda.version);

// read a geojson file into ArrayBuffer using fs
const data = fs.readFileSync('./data/natregimes.geojson').buffer;

// load geojson in jsgeoda, an unique id (string) will be returned for further usage
const nat_uid = geoda.readGeoJSON(data);

const num_obs = geoda.getNumObs(nat_uid);
console.log("number of observations:", num_obs);

const col_names = geoda.getColNames(nat);
console.log("column names:", col_names);

const hr60 = geoda.getCol(nat, "HR60");
console.log("hr60:", hr60);

Try it yourself in the playground

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