Hello jsgeoda!

This chapter shows how to load jsgeoda library in Node.js, pure js(html page) and React. The jsgeoda_tutorial repository https://github.com/lixun910/jsgeoda_tutorial contains all the sample codes. You can clone the repository and run the examples locally.

git clone git@githbu.com:lixun910/jsgeoda_tutorial.git


const jsgeoda = require('jsgeoda');

// create jsgeoda instance
const geoda = await jsgeoda.New();

// print out "Hello jsgeoda 0.0.8"
console.log("Hello jsgeoda", geoda.version);

Pure js

<script type="module">
import jsgeoda from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/-/jsgeoda@v0.2.2-Lc34LnJ0L2k7CJpnhQri/dist=es2020,mode=imports/optimized/jsgeoda.js';
jsgeoda.New().then((geoda)=> {
    console.log('Hello jsgeoda', geoda.version);


import { StrictMode } from "react";
import ReactDOM from "react-dom";
// import jsgeoda library
import jsgeoda from "jsgeoda";

const rootElement = document.getElementById("root");

// jsgeoda.New() function will create an instance from WASM
// object that you can used later for spatial data analysis
jsgeoda.New().then((geoda) => {
      <div className="App">
        <h1>Hello jsgeoda!</h1>
        <h2>version: {geoda.version}</h2>

Try it yourself in the playground

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