Regionalization with dynamically constrained agglomerative clustering and partitioning (REDCAP) is developed by D. Guo (2008). Like SKATER, REDCAP starts from building a spanning tree in 4 different approaches (single-linkage, average-linkage, complete-linkage, and wards-linkage). Then, REDCAP provides 2 different approaches (first‐order and full-order constraining) to prune the tree to find clusters. The REDCAP with first-order approach using a minimum spanning tree is exactly the same as SKATER. For more information, please read


function redcap(
    WeightResult w,
    Number k, 
    Array vals,
    String method,
    Number min_bound, 
    Array bound_vals,
    String scale_method,
    String distance_type)




const jsgeoda = require('jsgeoda');
const fs = require('fs');

// load data
const data = fs.readFileSync('./data/natregimes.geojson').buffer;

// create jsgeoda instance
const geoda = await jsgeoda.New();

// load geojson in jsgeoda
const nat = geoda.read_geojson(data);

// create a queen contiguity weights
const w = geoda.queen_weights(nat);

// get values
const hr60 = geoda.get_col(nat, "HR60");
const ue60 = geoda.get_col(nat, "UE60");

// set minimum bound
const po60 = geoda.get_col(nat, "PO60");

// apply skater
const skater = geoda.redcap(w, 10, [hr60, ue60], 'single-linkage', 17845200, po60);

Try it yourself in the playground (jsgeoda +

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