jsGeoDa (beta)

-- by Xun Li, Luc Anselin

Spatial data analysis in browser!!

jsgeoda is the first javascript library for spatial data analysis with functionalities of choropleth mapping, spatial weights, local indicators of spatial association, spatial clustering, and cluster analysis. With a few lines of code, you can run spatial data analysis in a web browser or in Node.js:

import jsgeoda from 'jsgeoda';

const geoda = await jsgeoda.New();

// get geojson 
const response = await fetch('./natregimes.geojson');
const ab = response.arrayBuffer();

// read geojson in jsgeoda
const nat = geoda.readGeoJSON(ab);

// create Queen contiguity weights
const w = geoda.getQueenWeights(nat);

// get values of variable "HR60"
const hr60 = geoda.getColumn('HR60');

// apply local Moran statistics on variable "HR60"
const lm = geoda.localMoran(w, hr60);

jsgeoda can be easily integrated with your web application. the US Covid Altas is the first web application that integrates jsgeoda to run high power spatial analytics in the browser without server needed:

Hands-On Tutorials:

1.Hello jsgeoda!


2. Load spatial data


3. Choropleth Mapping


4. Spatial Weights


5. Univariate LISA


6. Multivariate LISA


7. Spatial Clustering


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